U.S. Olympian, National Champion, Exceptional networker, proven fundraiser, father of four

About August Louis Wolf

Augie Wolf is the founder of OlympiansRising. OlympiansRising is a non-profit group of Olympians and friends supporting urgent reform to the U.S. Olympic Committee and rebuilding the U.S. Olympic program from the ground up. August Wolf was a 4th place finisher for the United States in the 1984 Olympic Games of Los Angeles, and has advocated for athlete’s rights ever since. Augie Wolf graduated cum laude from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs, and is the current Ivy League record holder in the shot-put. Besides his 1984 Olympic Games berth in the shot-put, he was two-time U.S. National Champion in the event. Augie is also the founder of U.S. Athletic Trust, the first American nonprofit dedicated to providing direct financial support for Olympic-class athletes. August Wolf ran for U.S. Senate in Connecticut in 2016.

My Organizations

August Wolf is leading the rising of Olympians and citizens who demand wholesale change in how the USOC and our national governing bodies of sport are organized, overseen and run. In March 2018 Wolf and several prominent Olympians sent a letter to the USOC Leadership demanding the resignations of all senior USOC leaders, and a truth commission to create the new USOC, one making athletes, coaches and development of sports the priority, not administrators and sponsors. It is time for Congress to remake the USOC. Recent events have confirmed that a wholesale leadership change and a rewrite of the Amateur Sports Act are long overdue. Sign our petition!

U.S. Athletic trust

In 1983 August Wolf graduated from Princeton a year before Olympic Trials; despite being a top US National Class thrower there was practically no support available. Almost 20 years later Princeton Track Alumnus and Olympian Tora Harris faced the same challenge. Despite the fact that USOC revenues had increased dramatically, there was still hardly any direct support of post-graduate Olympians. Wolf and others answered the call by starting US Athletic Trust, a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization supporting college graduates training for the Olympic Games. We also publish research and encourage the Olympic governing bodies – the IOC, USOC, and NGBs –  to engage in transparency, good governance, and better resource allocation in supporting American Olympic Sport development.

friends of princeton track

August Wolf returned to the East Coast in the early 1990s once his Olympic Career had ended. He immediately joined the Board of the Friends of Princeton Track, as Vice President of Fundraising. Since then his work grew the annual revenues of the effort by a factor of 15-20 times. These funds are restricted to use by the program, and have been a large part of the success formula of Princeton Track, one of the top NCAA programs despite not awarding any athletic scholarships.

Since 1998, August has been an Outside Director of Holborn Inc., an independent reinsurance intermediary. Holborn embodies excellence and client-focused world class execution and partnership, as does every organization August supports. Holborn’s tradition of excellence will hit its Centennial in 2020, as not only one of the most experienced reinsurance brokers in the world, but also one of a very few independent intermediaries owned by its employees (ESOP).

Mit land services

August is CRE Business Development Director with MiT Land Services, a leading independent national title agency. MiT has two simple goals- delivering the highest quality title services and making the client experience as smooth as possible.

August is Managing Director of Cicero Political LLC, an entity that offers strategy consulting, media and logistical support to 501c3 and c4 non profit corporations. CICERO POLITICAL LLC is particularly focused on supporting efforts that address pejorative institutional cronyism in our society.

“Olympians deserve to be paid a living wage!”

-August L. Wolf


Olympian August Wolf has called for a re-ordering of priorities at the USOC for almost 20 years. Recently the true nature of the current USOC leadership, as expressed in their negligence and even cooperation in allowing Larry Nassar and other sexual abusers in many sports to go unpunished, has woken up the American public and Congress.

On March 16, 2018, Wolf and four other Olympians, Alpine ski racer Bode Miller, judokas Kayla Harrison and Jimmy Pedro, rower Caroline Lind called for wholesale change at the U.S. Olympic Committee. They demand an overhaul of our so important, yet ineffective, inefficient, unaccountable and generally off the rails and out-of-whack non profit monopoly The United States Olympic Committee. The fact that only 10% of their BILLION $$ four year spending goes to direct athlete support should be enough for America to agree. Even worse,  the USOC leadership’s negligence and even abetting (recently made quite apparent in the Larry Nassar litigation discovery and testimony) makes it even more clear that a radical approach to USOC and NGB restructuring is needed ASAP.

In these Op-Eds in the WASHINGTON POST and USA TODAY , Augie Wolf explains that the U.S. Olympic Committee has run off the rails–it’s time to refocus on putting athletes first. While athletes are paid 50%+ of revenues in professional leagues, Olympians get no more than 10%. Many Olympians struggle just to make ends meet. TEAM USA’s last performance in the 2018 Olympic Games gets an “F”. Where is the $1 BILLION spent every four years going? According to FORBES MAGAZINE, the USOC tax returns read like a media business, not a charity. Olympians know that they are treated like packaged products, not the best of American youth.


It is time for Congress gets answers for TEAM USA. We encourage Congress to appoint a Truth Commission as Congress did for the US Military in 2010 to get ALL the facts on the table, and then re-write the Amateur Sports Act to provide a safe, fair, transparent and equitable sports system for all Americans.